Believe it or not, this site is not the only helpful resource on the Internet. Here are a few more. If you find something that should be here, let me know.


  • Taiga Blog. The Taiga team regularly post great Agile content. Most of it is less about the tool and more about the methodology.
  • Trello Blog. If you use Trello, this blog is a must-read. If you don’t, you’ll still find a lot of great tips on using kanban boards, as well as general productivity advice.


VM Brasseur also maintains a great list of recommended open source books at FOSS Books.


  • Decision template. Use this to define the problem, proposal, and process when making a decision.


  • TaskJuggler. This is a powerful, open source project management tool. It lets you manage your project like code and generates schedules, reports, and much more.
  • WhenIsGood. When you’re trying to schedule a meeting, WhenIsGood is a valuable tool.


  • Five common diagramming mistakes” by Ashley Peacock. This article gives a concise explanation of mistakes people make with diagrams — and how to fix them.