Ben Cotton standing on stage delivering a talk. His slides are projected in the background.
Photo by Moisés Guimarães. Used under the CC BY 3.0 license.

Need an engaging speaker for your project, company meeting, or conference keynote? External speakers bring a new perspective, teach skills, and reinforce the message you’re sending to the team. Bringing in an external expert gives your message a boost in credibility and engagement. I have experience delivering in-person and remote talks to communities, conferences, and corporate events. Email talks@duckalignment.academy and let’s come up with a talk that fits your needs.

I will make free appearances via video conference (or in person, within a reasonable distance from my location) for:



I can speak from experience on a wealth of topics, including:

  • Open leadership principles
  • Feature management processes
  • Distributed collaboration
  • Bug tracking and triage
  • Community building and engagement
  • Codes of conduct
  • Open source philosophy and strategy
  • Project/program management
  • Documentation and writing

This is not an exhaustive lists of topics I can present on. See the Talks category on this site or my personal website for slides and recordings from past talks.

Email talks@duckalignment.academy if you have something else in mind. If I can’t speak on the topic, I have an extensive network that I can reach out to and I may be able to find the right fit for your needs.