How to Tell If You Are a Successful Program Manager

One of the questions I often ask when discussing a new plan is “how will we know if we’re successful?” The same question applies to your role as a program manager. I just published an article about how I evaluate myself over at the Pragmatic Programmers blog.

Computers are difficult and people are difficult and when you put people together to do computery things, it doesn’t always go as planned. But if you’re doing a good job as a program manager, people know what’s going on. The status is clear and well-communicated. Plans are in place and the team is working together to make them happen. When you do things right, people may not be sure you’ve done anything at all, but they’ll be able to do their work. After all, when you do things wrong, it will be obvious.

Read the full article for my three key factors and let me know how you evaluate your success.

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Ben was most recently the Fedora Program Manager. He is the author of Program Management for Open Source Projects. Ben is an Open Organization Ambassador and frequent conference speaker. His personal website is Funnel Fiasco.


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