Herding cats: project management in communities (DevConf.CZ)

I was not prepared to have a packed room for this DevConf.CZ talk. I also thought the content seemed obvious. But the audience loved it. It’s a good reminder that what seems obvious when you do the job everyday is not obvious when you don’t. Had I been more clairvoyant, I’d have titled it “Aligning ducks”.

Date: 27 January 2019

Location: Brno, Czechia

Abstract: Large open source projects are complex. Whether you have someone formally filling the role or not, your project is performing project management tasks. This talk covers some of the key work that project managers perform in community projects. This includes managing schedules, tracking changes, leading meetings, and coordinating resources, with a particular emphasis on how this applies to volunteer communities and not just corporate projects.

This post’s featured image by The Lucky Neko on Unsplash

Ben was most recently the Fedora Program Manager. He is the author of Program Management for Open Source Projects. Ben is an Open Organization Ambassador and frequent conference speaker. His personal website is Funnel Fiasco.


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