A donation for every sale in March

A group of girls in black "Girls Code" t-shirts posing for a picture with the First Lady of Pennsylvania and the CEO of Girls Who Code.

In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March, I’m donating $10 for every sale of Program Management for Open Source Projects (ebook only) to Girls Who Code. For the rest of the month, I’ll donate $5 for every sale of Program Management for Open Source Projects (paper or ebook).

How does this work?

You buy a copy of the book, I make a donation! This includes sales directly from the publisher as well as third-party sellers. You don’t need to send me a receipt or anything to show that you bought it. Since print book sales take a while to report in, I’ll actually make two donations. I’ll donate for the ebooks at the beginning of April and for the print books in mid-July.

But then you get the tax benefits!

True. If you can think of a better way to do it, I’m open to suggestions for the future. Either way, Girls Who Code still gets the money. And I’ll submit a match request to my employer.

What if I bought a book before you announced this?

I’ll see the date of sale in my publisher’s dashboard, so I will be able to include pre-announcement purchases in the total.

This post’s featured photo by Tom Wolf on Flickr. Used under the CC BY 2.0 license.

Ben formerly led open source messaging at Docker and was the Fedora Program Manager. He is the author of Program Management for Open Source Projects. Ben is an Open Organization Ambassador and frequent conference speaker. His personal website is Funnel Fiasco.


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